I am a natural light photographer located in North Atlanta. Wife of 10 years, and mother to three boys [9,7,5], a 3 year old daughter, and a baby on the way [July 2016]. I enjoy capturing moments outside, but I can also bring a studio wherever you are. I have photographed everything from births to brides and all the other socially required portraits in between. Simply put... I love photography. I have since I was a child, and it's a dream come true to be creative and share my gift with you. Another gift I possess is sarcasm. 

I have compiled a pro/con list for hiring me as your photographer...



i have a nice camera and won't be shooting your session with my iPhone [i like using parentheses] 

i had three boys first so there's nothing your boys can do during a session that i'm not already prepared for

i love being pregnant and since i can't always be pregnant i will live vicariously through the Pinterest pictures i'm about to take of you

i love my children, but in all my years they have been the least behaved during a session, so don't worry, i won't judge you [too much]

i don't want to brag, but Snow White is to animals as i am to newborns [translation: people have called me the baby whisperer]

i'm a chick, and i know that if mommy doesn't look good in those pictures, they aren't getting framed--- i got your back mom

i have photographed people at births, weddings, birthday parties, even corporate events and have yet to harm anyone or be arrested 

i bring white tic-tacs to sessions and have been known to pass them out to children [i mean dads] who are losing it



i homeschool four kids so even if you don't hire me i will still be plenty busy [just unpaid]

i am not awkward, so if you were hoping for a stiff and uncomfortable session, i can not deliver [see: Groupon]

i may or may not ask you to smile approximately 600 times during 60 minutes [even though it will end in you loving your photos]

i do not have a studio with fake mountain backdrops for you to chose from {see: Sears}

i will be forced to die a slow death watching the tennis or golf game with my husband unless you give me something to edit while watching it

i might see you in your pjs at your in-home newborn session because your baby did not get the sleep at nighttime memo

i don't offer a package that includes cheesy editing to make you look like an 80's album cover {see: unmentioned local photographer stuck in the 80's}

i am an extrovert and will most likely cross the professional boundary, friend you on Facebook, and ask you to my birthday party {it's April 13th btw}


Now that you have an idea of what I'm all about, I look forward to scheduling your photo session... or wondering which of my jokes scared you away.